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Saturday 28th May & Sunday 29th May

Updated: May 30, 2022

Saturday 28 May 2022 - Results

Readers Division One

Hayfield 223/8 v Hazel Grove 210ao

Hayfield win by 13 runs

Newton 109ao v Broadbottom 158/9

Broadbottom win by 49 runs

Old Glossop 130ao v New Mills 131/4

New Mills win by 6 wickets

Tintwistle 43ao v Dove Holes 130ao

Dove Holes win by 87 runs

Woodley 129/5 v Dinting 128ao

Woodley win by 5 wickets

Division Two

Birch Vale 107ao v Chapel 216/6

Chapel win by 4 wickets

Dove Holes 59ao v Stalybridge 62/4

Stalybridge win by 6 wickets

Hollingworth 21/2 v High Lane 18ao

Hollingworth win by 8 wickets

Pott Shrigley 137/7 v Charlesworth 67ao

Pott Shrigley win by 70 runs

Whaley Bridge 40/1 v Buxworth 39ao

Whaley Bridge win by 9 wickets

Division Three

Broadbottom 65ao v Woodley 71/2

Woodley win by 8 wickets

Chapel 39ao v Hayfield 40/5

Hayfield win by 5 wickets

Hazel Grove 124ao v Old Glossop 109ao

Hazel Grove win by 15 runs

Stalybridge 195/9 v Newton 184ao

Stalybridge win by 11 runs

Division Four

Buxworth 159ao v Tintwistle 240/9

Tintwistle win by 81 runs

Charlesworth 81ao v Hollingworth 82/3

Hollingworth win by 7 wickets

New Mills 138ao v Pott Shrigley 82ao

New Mills win by 56 runs

Sunday 29 May 2022 - Results

Bissenden Cup Quarter Finals

Dinting v Pott Shrigley

Pott Shrigley Conceded

Dove Holes 205/4 v New Mills 132ao

Dove Holes win by 73 runs

Old Glossop 141/6 v Newton 138ao

Old Glossop win by 4 wickets

Woodley 298/4 v Stalybridge 127ao

Woodley win by 171 runs

Hawke Trophy Quarter Finals

Chapel 178/6 v Broadbottom 70ao

Chapel win by 108 runs

Hazel Grove 101/7 v Dinting 100ao

Hazel Grove win by 3 wickets

Newton 112/3 v Old Glossop 111/8

Newton win by 7 wickets

Tintwistle 97/8 v Dove Holes 97ao

Tintwistle win by 2 wickets


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