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Saturday 25th June & Sunday 26th June

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Saturday 25 June 2022 - Results

Readers Division One

Dove Holes 295/5 v New Mills 118ao

Dove win by 157 runs

Hayfield 140/9 v Newton 179/7

Hayfield win by 1 wicket

Hazel Grove 63ao v Dinting 200/6

Dinting win by 137 runs

Old Glossop 96ao v Broadbottom 98/2

Broadbottom win by 8 wickets

Tintwistle 96ao v Woodley 212/6

Woodley win by 116 runs

Division Two

Birch Vale 115ao v Dove Holes 106ao

Birch Vale win by 9 runs

Chapel 109/5 v High Lane 108ao

Chapel win by 5 wickets

Charlesworth 104ao v Stalybridge 105/6

Stalybridge win by 4 wickets

Hollingworth 262/9 v Buxworth 200/4

Hollingworth win by 62 runs

Pott Shrigley 74ao v Whaley Bridge 132/8

Whaley Bridge win by 58 runs

Division Three

Broadbottom 138/ 8 v Hazel Grove 141/6

Hazel Grove win by 4 wickets

Newton 156/6 v Old Glossop 154ao

Newton win by 4 wickets

Stalybridge 107/3 v Chapel 106ao

Stalybridge win by 7 wickets

Woodley 318/7 v Hayfield 96ao

Woodley win by 222 runs

Division Four

Buxworth 133/5 v Tintwistle 201/8

Rain Affected Draw

Dinting 230/2 v Pott Shrigley 118ao

Dinting win by 112 runs

New Mills 83ao v Hollingworth 78ao

New Mills win by 5 runs

Sunday 26th June

Kudos Drinks Bissenden Cup

Dinting 204/6 v Dove Holes 206/3

Dove Holes win by 7 wickets

Woodley 216/7 v Old Glossop 87ao

Woodley win by 129 runs

Kudos Drinks Hawke Trophy

Tintwistle 177/6 v Newton 139ao

Tintwistle win by 38 runs

Chapel 119ao v Hazel Grove 120/5

Hazel Grove win by 5 wickets


Also, great to see a former teammate & friend getting a five fer. Vinnie Allen, former Disley CC (Glossop League & Cheshire Pyramid).

The incredibly tattooed demon bowler with a heart of gold. Keep on keeping on, Vinnie, old chum.🇿🇼🤓🏏🇧🇬


I do enjoy being able to keep up with the D&C despite living in Bulgaria 11 years. Great website...bravo.

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