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Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st May

Updated: May 22, 2023

Division One

Dinting CC 166/3 v Broadbottom CC 165ao

Dinting win by 7 wickets

Hazel Grove CC 171/9 v Old Glossop CC 193/8

Old Glossop win by 22 runs

Baylee Foote 69

Pott Shrigley CC 92ao v Hayfield CC 93/4

Hayfield win by 85 runs

James Adamson 5 for 26

Tintwistle CC 157ao v New Mills CC 72ao

Tintwistle win by 85 runs

Minh Ngo 62

Tom Scott 6 for 23

Whaley Bridge CC 111/3 v Newton CC 110ao

Whaley Bridge win by 7 wickets

Eddie Fors 5 for 30

Woodley CC 123ao v Dove Holes CC 124/5

Dove Holes win by 5 wickets

Sean Critchlow 5 for 31

Division Two

Chapel-en-le-Frith CC 42ao v Hollingworth CC 46/3

Hollingworth win by 7 wickets

Sani Saleem 6 for 17

Charlesworth & Chisworth CC 126/7 v Birch Vale & Thornsett CC 125ao

Charlesworth win by 3 wickets

Gareth Evans 63*

Dove Holes CC 167ao v High Lane CC 96ao

Dove Holes win by 71 runs

Joe Gregory 7 for 29

Stalybridge CC 88/5 v Buxworth CC 87ao

Staybridge win by 5 wickets

Division Three

Broadbottom CC 59ao v Woodley CC 551/6

Woodley win by 162 runs

Jarrad Ince 84*

Thomas Hotson 5 for 12

Hollingworth CC 112ao v Tintwistle CC 178/4

Tintwistle win by 66 runs

Thomas Robins 82

Newton CC 191/7 v Hazel Grove CC 87ao

Newton win by 104 runs

Sean Bennett 65

Old Glossop CC 154/6 v Stalybridge CC 157/5

Stalybridge win by 5 wickets

Stephen Allcock 64*

Division Four

Buxworth CC 83ao v Dinting CC 84/4

Dinting win by 6 wickets

Hayfield CC 162/9 v Chapel-en-le-Frith CC 161/8

Hayfield Win by 1 wicket

High Lane CC 53/4 v Pott Shrigley CC 52ao

High Lane win by 6 wickets

New Mills CC 135ao v Charlesworth & Chisworth CC 138/6

Charlesworth win by 4 wickets

Deepan Sampath 5 for 24

Jack Wrigley 60*


Kudos Drinks Bissenden Cup

Broadbottom CC 68ao v Woodley CC 269/7

Woodley win by 201 runs

Sean Gibson 92

Morgan Potgieter 53*

Chapel-en-le-Frith CC 112/3 v Stalybridge CC 111ao

Chapel win by 7 wickets

Joe Jackson 5 for 15

Dinting CC 232/9 v High Lane CC 480ao

Dinting win by 52 runs

Dove Holes CC 200/8 v Hazel Grove CC 118ao

Dove Holes win by 82 runs

Hollingworth CC 75ao v Hayfield CC 77/1

Hayfield win by 9 wickets

George Wood 50*

New Mills CC v Whaley Bridge CC

Whaley Bridge win

Newton 195/9 v Charlesworth & Chisworth CC 198/8

Charlesworth win by 2 wickets

Tintwistle CC 120/8 v Old Glossop CC 124/5

Old Glossop win by 5 wickets

Kudos Drinks Hawke Trophy

Hayfield CC 13ao v Woodley CC 252/6

Woodley win by 239 runs

Daniel Oldland 80

Ewan Bray 5 for 1

Hazel Grove CC 108/1 v Chapel-en-le-Frith CC 107/7

Hazel Grove win by 9 wickets

Max Newiss 51

Oliver Hodson 52*

High Lane CC 109ao v Dove Holes CC 110/1

Dove Holes win by 9 wickets

Old Glossop CC v Newton CC

Newton go through

Stalybridge CC 115ao v Tintwistle CC 146/10

Tintwistle win by 31 runs

Thomas Robins 52


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