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Transfer News

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

See below a list of all completed transfers ahead of the 2022 season:

Andrew Moore

Denton St Lawrence CC to Dinting CC

Gareth Gerrard

Dinting CC to Tintwistle CC

Stuart Dodd

Old Glossop CC to Tintwistle CC

Nathan McKeowan

Heatherdale CC (Aus) to Tintwistle CC

Damien Stringer

Heaton Mersey CC to Dinting CC

Smit Mehta

Brisbane CC (Aus) to Dinting CC

Tom Scott

Prestwich CC to Tintwistle CC

Chris Joy

Old Glossop CC to Newton CC

Rhys Downend

Stayley CC to Newton CC

Orson Cummings

Broadbottom CC to Newton CC

Seth Mawhinney

Queenstown CC (NZ) to Pott Shrigley CC

Sean Gibson

Flowery Field CC to Woodley CC

Jamie Garde

Flowery Field CC to Woodley CC

Anthony Thorp

No Previous Club to Dove Holes CC

Erich Von Molendorff

Welwitschia CC (Namibia) to Hayfield CC

Max Bartholemew

Buxton CC to Chapel CC

James Lythgoe

Alsager CC to Old Glossop CC

George Sheldon

No Previous Club to New Mills CC

Jacobus Hynes

Cardinia CC (Aus) to Broadbottom CC

Mark Hill

Hayfield CC to Dove Holes CC

Kevin Dooley

Micklehurst CC to Stalybridge CC

Alan Harbige

Kerridge CC to Buxworth CC

Sam Bird

Hollingworth CC to Tintwistle CC

Anthony Worthington

No Previous Club to Tintwistle CC

John Billing

No Previous Club to Tintwistle CC

Clayton Ryan

Highton CC (Aus) to Newton CC

Paul Grannassi

Comlstall CC to Hazel Grove CC

Jack Samways

Charlton Down (Dorset) to Dinting CC

Ryan Nixon

Tintwistle CC to Dinting CC

John Billing

Tintwistle CC to Charlesworth CC

Deepan Sampath

No Previous Club to Charlesworth CC

David Reitze

No Previous Club to New Mills CC

Luke Bardsley

Denton St Lawrence to Birch Vale CC

Kai Mallett

Woodley CC to Stalybridge CC

Orson Cummings

Newton CC to Broadbottom CC

Lewis Turner

Broadbottom CC to Dinting CC

Caelen Hadwin

Kirkheaton CC to Old Glossop CC

Daniel Shore

NE Cheshire CC to Birch Vale CC

Dylan Heginbotham​

Hawk Green CC to Woodley CC​​​

Dale Pennington​

Glossop CC​​​ to Old Glossop CC

Rami Prince-Navaratnam

Unsworth CC to Woodley CC

Josh Unsworth

Littleborough CC to Hayfield CC

Nishanta Dodongodo

No Previous Club to Hazel Grove CC

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