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Sunday League 2022

Firstly, a warm welcome to Stayley, Springhead, and Marple/Compstall 4th XI.

We’ve allocated all these clubs a few home fixtures, but obviously they might need reversing/rearranging in the event of a fixture clash with the GMCL or CCL.

After consulting with a number of clubs, we’ve elected to stick to our core strengths, and continue with the less-is-more flexibility that worked so well in 2021.

We also appreciate that whilst trying to attract as many new players as possible, and providing an opportunity for talented youngsters to improve their skills, there will always be a winner and a loser, and we need to encourage everybody to be good at both.

Essentially, the 16 teams have been divided into 2 Geographical Groups of 8 with each team playing 7 fixtures.

We’ve tried to avoid the dates that clash with the Bissenden/Hawke, and hopefully left a bit of room for rearranging rain-affected matches.

These fixtures have now been added to Play Cricket

The teams will then play 4 more fixtures.

However, in order to (hopefully) level the playing field, the Top Four in Group A will play the Top Four in Group B, and we’ll adopt the same format for the Bottom Four.

These games will be scheduled for July 17th, July 24th, August 14th and August 21st, but again, we’ll leave a little room for rain affected games.

Ultimately, each Team will then have played 11 games with the Top Team from Group A contesting the Derek Slack Shield with the Top Team from Group B on September 4th.


Birch Vale


Dove Holes

Hazel Grove

High Lane


New Mills

Whaley Bridge





Old Glossop





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