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Saturday 6th August & Sunday 7th August

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Saturday 06 August 2022

Readers Division One

Broadbottom 246/7 v New Mills 65ao

Broadbottom win by 181 runs

Hayfield 130/3 v Old Glossop 128ao

Hayfield win by 7 wickets

Newton 180/8 v Dinting 176/7

Newton win by 2 wickets

Tintwistle 83ao v Hazel Grove 86/2

Hazel Grove win by 8 wickets

Woodley 80/3 v Dove Holes 79ao

Woodley win by 7 wickets

Division Two

Birch Vale 89ao v Charlesworth 267/9

Charlesworth win by 178 runs

Buxworth 116ao v High Lane 117/5

High Lane win by 5 wickets

Dove Holes 114ao v Chapel 115/7

Chapel win by 3 wickets

Pott Shrigley 71ao v Hollingworth 74/8

Hollingworth win by 2 wickets

Whaley Bridge 90/1 v Stalybridge 88ao

Whaley Bridge win by 9 wickets

Division Three

Chapel 72ao v Newton 73/4

Newton win by 6 wickets

Hazel Grove 183/4 v Hayfield 107ao

Hazel Grove win by 76 runs

Old Glossop 110/6 v Woodley 107ao

Old Glossop win by 4 wickets

Stalybridge 20ao v Broadbottom 113/8

Broadbottom win by 93 runs

Division Four

Charlesworth 142/8 v Pott Shrigley 113ao

Charlesworth win by 9 runs

Dinting 133/4 v Buxworth 130ao

Dinting win by 6 wickets

Hollingworth 103ao v Tintwistle 74ao

Hollingworth win by 29 runs

Sunday 07 August 2022

Twenty20 Quarter Finals

Woodley 80ao v Old Glossop 76/8

Woodley win by 4 runs

Dinting 116/7 v Whaley Bridge 117/3

Whaley Bridge win by 1 run

Hayfield 87ao v Tintwistle 129/8

Tintwistle win by 42 runs

Newton 65/1 v Pott Shrigley 63ao

Newton win by 9 wickets

Sunday League

Charlesworth 159ao v Springhead 161/7

Springhead win by 2 wickets

High Lane 256/8 v Broadbottom 89ao

High Lane win by 167 runs

Stalybridge 103ao v Stayley 49ao

Stalybridge win by 54 runs

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