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Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th May

Updated: May 15, 2023

Division 1

Broadbottom CC 160/7 v Tintwistle CC 159/9

Broadbottom win by 3 wickets

Chris Pratt 53*

Dove Holes CC 69/1 v Whaley Bridge CC 65ao

Dove Holes win by 9 wickets

Hayfield CC 152/7 v Dinting CC 152ao

Hayfield win by 3 wickets

James Adamson 6 for 25

Russ Evans 54

New Mills CC 59ao v Woodley CC 60/3

Woodley win by 7 wickets

Newton CC 91ao v Hazel Grove CC 97/5

Hazel Grove win by 5 wickets

Dominic Nunn 5 for 19

Old Glossop CC 259/7 v Pott Shrigley CC 204ao

Old Glossop win by 55 runs

Dale Pennington 100

Andy Tatton 77* Rob Adderley 5 for 33

Division 2

Birch Vale & Thornsett CC 113ao v Dove Holes CC 53ao

Birch Vale win by 60 runs

Luke Bardsley 5 for 21

Chapel-en-le-Frith CC 61/6 v Buxworth CC 60ao

Chapel win by 4 wickets

Dan Waterhouse 6 for 20

High Lane CC 128ao v Stalybridge CC 140ao

Stalybridge win by 12 runs

Kelly Jones 70

Hollingworth CC 35ao v Charlesworth & Chisworth CC 57ao

Charlesworth win by 22 runs

Gareth Evans 6 for 16

Division 3

Hazel Grove CC 150/5 v Broadbottom CC 111/9

Hazel Grove win by 39 runs

Karma Arora 56

Stalybridge CC 59ao v Newton CC 61/3

Newton win by 7 wickets

Thomas Pottage 6 for 5

Tintwistle CC 36ao v Old Glossop CC 89ao

Old Glossop win by 53 runs

Woodley CC 240/9 v Hollingworth CC 123ao

Woodley win by 117 runs

J Duggan 70

C Hallas 63

Division 4

Buxworth CC 88ao v Chapel-en-le-Frith CC 92/6

Chapel win by 4 wickets

Charlesworth & Chisworth CC 81ao v Hayfield CC 83/4

Hayfield win by 6 wickets

Dinting CC 92ao v High Lane CC 80ao

Dinting win by 12 runs

Pott Shrigley CC 73ao v New Mills CC 74/1

New Mills win by 9 wickets


Division 1

Charlesworth & Chisworth CC 128/7 v Dinting CC 108/9

Charlesworth win by 20 runs

Hazel Grove CC 140/9 v Newton CC 104ao

Hazel Grove win by 36 runs

Marple & Compstall 117/8 v Whaley Bridge CC 122ao

Whaley Bridge win by 5 runs

Old Glossop CC 215/6 v Hawk Green CC 135ao

Old Glossop win by 80 runs

Division 2

Dove Holes CC 147/9 v Chapel-en-le-Frith CC 145/8

Dove Holes win by 2 runs

High Lane CC 58ao v Mottram CC 59/1

Mottram win by 9 wickets

Stalybridge CC 67/5 v Broadbottom CC 66ao

Stalybridge win by 5 wickets

Tintwistle CC 62ao v Bredbury St Marks CC 111ao

Bredbury win by 48 runs


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