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Saturday 13th August & Sunday 14th August

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

There is league action across all Four Divisions, we have the Hawke Trophy Final on Sunday as well as action in the Sunday League.

Saturday 13 August 2022 - 1pm

Readers Division One

Broadbottom 110ao v Newton 189/9

Newton win by 79 runs

Dinting 140ao v Woodley 230/8

Woodley win by 90 runs

Dove Holes 207/7 v Tintwistle 189/9

Dove Holes win by 18 runs

Hazel Grove 92ao v Hayfield 95/8

Hayfield win by 2 wickets

New Mills 123ao v Old Glossop 135/9

Old Glossop win by 12 runs

Division Two

Buxworth 173/7 v Whaley Bridge 244/5

Whaley Bridge win by 71 runs

Chapel 95/3 v Birch Vale 94ao

Chapel win by 7 wickets

Charlesworth 42ao v Pott Shrigley 45/4

Pott Shrigley win by 6 wickets

High Lane 69ao v Hollingworth 73/5

Hollingworth win by 5 wickets

Stalybridge 129ao v Dove Holes 110ao

Stalybridge win by 19 runs

Division Three

Hayfield 61/2 v Chapel 59ao

Hayfield win by 8 wickets

Newton 126/4 v Stalybridge 123/6

Newton win by 6 wickets

Old Glossop 213/6 v Hazel Grove 133ao

Old Glossop win by 80 runs

Woodley 110/3 v Broadbottom 109/9

Woodley win by 7 wickets

Division Four

Hollingworth 185/5 v Charlesworth 171ao

Hollingworth win by 14 runs

Pott Shrigley 106ao v New Mills 44ao

Pott Shrigley win by 62 runs

Tintwistle 301/5 v Buxworth 170/9

Tintwistle win by 131 runs

Sunday 14 August - 1pm

Hawke Trophy Final at Dove Holes Cricket Club

Hazel Grove 215/9 v Tintwistle 89ao

Hazel Grove win by 126 runs

Sunday League

Whaley Bridge 198/4 v Dinting 184/9

Whaley Bridge win by 14 runs

New Mills 155ao v Charlesworth 165/5

Charlesworth win by 10 runs


For those wanting a post season tour I would remind that in parts of Eastern Europe & the Balkans cricket goes through well into October and the East is a darn sight cheaper than the west.


Can someone explain Ladies Softball please? Is it cricket? I think I have heard of a seperate sport called softball. A nearby village started a ladies rounders league for women interested in playing cricket. I have the impression it was a missed opportunity.

I no longer live in the UK but I would like to follow D&C junior cricket, news and results.

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