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A Message from the Chairman

Please find below a message from our Chairman Martin Cooper regarding indiscipline and his thoughts on the current situation.

To all clubs,

I visited the Alan Johnson Memorial Ground earlier today to view his excellent memorial stone I walked round the field I wondered what his advice to me would be to address an issue that has reared its head only a month into the season.

Knowing him he would have said speak to all clubs initially and tell them of your concerns.

So therefore I am asking on the receipt of this email all club secretaries and contacts discuss as soon as humanly possible whether they are happy with the way their respective teams are complying with the Code of Conduct and the Spirit of Cricket set down in the rules.

Unfortunately already we have a situation whereby two umpires will not officiate one of our clubs .

My personal view as Chairman is that we spend much time on coaching our younger players on the technical side of the game.

But as we know they are very impressionable and will ape and think it is okay to behave in such a way if the more senior players act inappropriately.

To me cricket is played with bat ,ball, brain, heart and good old fashioned guts my experience the only people to cross the line are some of the Test Antipodean players (from one country) and players who aren't that good ...

I just hope that this message is received in the manner it is meant ...

I had hoped for us to have a great summer in Alan's memory..and I know a very high percentage of clubs and their players are enjoying their cricket.

I would also encourage you once again to report anything perceived as poor behaviour through the correct channels , accurately and without conjecture.

Martin J Cooper

We are not yet half way through the season and we have already had three complaints of indiscipline and dissent to umpires, one of assault and two other disciplinary matters.

Clearly this is not acceptable and we, once again, remind you of your responsibilities.

Remember ANYONE can report unacceptable behaviour on and off the cricket field, and this should be made clear to ALL club members.

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