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Weekend Results

Updated: 7 days ago

06 July 2024 11am Start

Division One 11am Start

Stalybridge 84/4 v Pott Shrigley 80ao

Stalybridge win y 6 wickets

Rob Mallett 7 for 40

New Mills 137ao v Dove Holes 216/6dec

Dove Holes win by 79 runs

Tom Forder 83

Hayfield 135/2 v Dinting 134ao

Hayfield win by 8 wickets

Harry Wyatt 72*

Old Glossop 242/7 v Newton 137/4

Rain Affected Draw

Jack Thorley 98

Callan Kean 58

Rhys Goodall 5 for 51

George Ashworth 64*

Whaley Bridge116ao v Tintwistle 211/9

Tintwistle win by 95 runs

Daniel Weston 56

Daniel Weston 5 for 14

Broadbottom 119/2 v Hazel Grove 116ao

Broadbottom win by 8 wickets


Division Two 11am Start

High Lane 125/1 v Charlesworth 124ao

High Lane win by 9 wickets

James McCarthy 55*

Fred Stewart 60

Dove Holes 244/3 v Hollingworth 188ao

Dove Holes win by 56 runs

Kieran Jones 60

Rob Hawkes 81*

Liam Belfield 129 from 82 balls 15 fours and 8 sixes

Buxworth 77ao v Chapel 163/7

Chapel win by 86 runs

Newton 55ao v Old Glossop 131ao

Old Glossop win by 76 runs

Stephen Allcock 5 for 5

Tintwistle 130/7 v Birch Vale 136/4

Birch Vale win by 6 wickets

Kieran Sharp 73

Hazel Grove v Broadbottom

Hazel Grove Conceded


Division Three 11am Start

Charlesworth 149ao v High Lane 82ao

Charlesworth win by 67 runs

Tommy Bennett 60*

Hollingworth 118/5 v Buxworth

Rain Affected Draw

Chapel 99/1 v Hayfield 96ao

Chapel win by 9 wickets

Max Newiss 60

Dinting 325/5 v New Mills 19/1

Rain Affected Draw

Glen Draper 168* from 82 balls 17 fours and 11 sixes

Pott Shrigley 138ao v Stalybridge 117ao

Pott Shrigley win by 21 runs


7th July 2024 1pm Start

Bissenden Cup 1pm Start

Dove Holes 150/4 v Tintwistle 149/6

Dove Holes win by 6 wickets

Kieran Davies 74

Old Glossop v Hayfield

NR Rain

Hawke Trophy 1pm Start

Dinting v Old Glossop

NR Rain

Newton v Dove Holes

NR Rain

Sunday League Division One 1pm Start

Marple & Compstall 127/9 v Hawk Green 124ao

Marple win by 1 wicket


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