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Transfer News

Updated: Jun 29

See below a list of all completed transfers ahead of the 2024 season:

Mark Lilley - Tintwistle to Broadbottom

Harrison Webb - Broadbottom to Dove Holes

Tom Pugh - Tintwistle to Dinting

Riley Downey - Meville Western Australia to Dinting

Danny Weston - Newton to Tintwistle

Andy Tomlinson - Tintwistle to Broadbottom

Tilak Bhojani - Stalybridge to Broadbottom

Callan Kean - Penrith, Australia to Old Glossop

Graham Parry - N/A to Charlesworth

Mike Woodhead - N/A to Charlesworth

Chris Joy - Newton to Old Glossop

Muhammad Arslan Ghous - Stockport CC to Newton

Aaron Ostilly - Caulfield CC Victoria Australia to Hayfield CC

Frank Lowe - N/A to Tintwistle

Asim Hussain - Stockport CC to Newton

James Bradbury - Hollingworth to Newton

Jonathon Ritson - N/A to Old Glossop

Josh Hanson - N/A to Old Glossop

Karna Solanki - N/A to Old Glossop

Cameron Peterson - Belville, SA to Broadbottom

Todd Hamlet - Northern Brothers DDCC (Australia) to New Mills

Anthony Melnyk - Bankstown Districted CC (Aust) to High Lane

Jahanziab Awan - N/A to Hollingworth

Zahid Khaliq - N/A to Hollingworth

Ryan Hoskins - N/A to Hollingworth

Jack Miller - N/A to Hollingworth

James Bridgford - Hazel Grove to Pott Shrigley

Atley Williams - West Bairnsdale (Aus) to Tintwistle

Jamie Kay - Woodley to Old Glossop

Ivan Heathcote - Whaley Bridge to Charlesworth

Chris Duncuft - Denton CC to Newton

Thomas Littler - Hawk Green CC to New Mills

Adam Demidh - Old Glossop CC to Newton

James Lythgoe - Old Glossop CC to Dinting

Elliott Holt - NE Cheshire CC to High Lane

Henry Woodall - N/A to High Lane

Stuart Knott - Stockport CC to Hazel Grove

George Aizlewood - N/A to High Lane

Gareth Davies - Sale CC to Hayfield CC

Paul Chapman - N/a to Hazel Grove

Fawad Khalid - Stockport CC to Newton

Joe Wilkinson - Hazel Grove to High Lane

Dan Waterhouse - Chapel to Dove Holes

Iain Weir - N/A to Hazel Grove

Anwar Hussain - Moddershall & Oulton to Birch Vale

Jonathon Spencer - Hayfield to Birch Vale

Kieran Sharp - Hayfield to Birch Vale

Aidan Garey - Balmain S CC Sydney (Aust) to Hazel Grove

Jonathon McGarrity - Kerridge CC to Pott Shrigley

Jonathan Marshall - Marple CC to High Lane

Matthew Hawkes - N/A to Buxworth CC

Ali Zafar - N/A to Hollingworth CC

Brad Rawlinson - Hadfield St Andrews to Tintwistle

Tyson Elwin - N/A to Chapel

Josh Turner - Llanidloes CC to Whaley Bridge

Jacob Lumbert - N/A to Dove Holes

Steve Wood - N/A to High Lane

Vinayagamoorthi Thuventhiran - N/A to Charlesworth

Charlie Pheasey - N/A to Dove Holes

Atif Noor - Friends Sporting Club to Newton

Imran Zaman - N/A to Tintwistle

Ryan Seville - N/A to High Lane

Matt Yates - N/A to Charlesworth

Tom Taylor - Charlesworth to Newton

Layla Rowland - N/A to Hollingworth

Daniel Shaw - N/A to Hollingworth

Charlotte Padget - N/A to Hollingworth

Isak Priestley - N/A to Hollingworth

Dan Eyre - Glossop CC to Old Glossop CC

Chris Stobbs - N/A to Stalybridge

Abdul Basit - N/A to Hayfield CC

Matt Bowers - N/A to Hayfield CC

Hameedullah Aslami - N/A to Newton

Sanaa Ullah - N/A to Hollingworth

Muhammad Haris - N/A to Hayfield CC

Rashid Hussain - N/A to Hollingworth

Daniel Baptiste - St Lucia to Dinting

Aadit Pooran - Cheadle to High Lane

Aaron Hendley - N/A to Dinting

Adam King - N/A to Dove Holes

Dom Perrin - Glossop CC to Broadbottom.

James Howard - N/A to Hayfield CC

Josh Pearson - N/A to Old Glossop

Glenton Williams - Antigua to Dinting

Ashley Burgess - Dove Holes to Chapel

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