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Saturday 23rd July

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

The Offside Trust T20 Competition continues this weekend with action from all Four Groups.

There is also league action in Division Three & Four.

Saturday 23 July 2022 - 1pm

T20 - Group A

Hayfield 185ao v New Mills 96ao

Hayfield win by 89 runs

Pott Shrigley 116/4 v High Lane 112/9

Pott Shrigley win by 6 wickets

T20 - Group B

Newton 80/2 v Old Glossop 78ao

Newton win by 8 wickets

Stalybridge 145/2 v Dove Holes 153/4

Dove Holes win by 8 runs

T20 - Group C

Birch Vale 143/8 v Broadbottom 211/1

Broadbottom win by 68 runs

Dinting 112/5 v Tintwistle 111/6

Dinting win by 5 wickets

T20 - Group D

Hazel Grove 105/8 v Chapel 105ao

Hazel Grove win by 2 wickets

Whaley Bridge 117/5 v Woodley 129/7

Woodley win by 12 runs

Division Three

Broadbottom 113ao v Stalybridge 152/8

Stalybridge win by 39 runs

Chapel 42ao v Newton 43/0

Newton win by 10 wickets

Old Glossop 215/7 v Hayfield 176/4

Old Glossop win by 39 runs

Woodley 184/6 v Hazel Grove 120/7

Woodley win by 64 runs

Division Four

Charlesworth 242/4 v Pott Shrigley 52ao

Charlesworth win by 190 runs

New Mills 139ao v Dinting 84ao

New Mills win by 55 runs

Tintwistle 165/9 v Hollingworth 108ao

Tintwistle win by 57 runs

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