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League Format for 2022

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Management Meeting - Monday 25th October 2021

Senior Cricket.

  • The main reason for this meeting was to “thrash” out the format for next season.

  • The season is to run from 23rd April 2022 until the 17th September 2022, 22 weeks.

  • Divisions 1 and 2 will start with the first round of the Bissenden Trophy

  • Divisions 3 and 4 will start with the first round of the Hawke Trophy

  • BOTH knockout Trophies are Voluntary.

  • For first teams the middle weeks, 16th and 23rd July will be for T20 matches. We intend to play T20 games on the Thursday before in the middle and afterwards, meaning most T20 games will be carried out over a short period and also make it a short festival of cricket.

  • First Teams will also play another round of the Bissenden on Saturdays, the Hawke reverting to Sundays after the first week.

  • Whilst the first teams are playing the T20, second teams will be playing league games, see information below.

  • First Division is to be Broadbottom, Dinting, Dove Holes, Hayfield, Hazel Grove, New Mills, Newton, Old Glossop, Tintwistle and Woodley, playing each other home and away.

  • Second Division is to be Birch Vale, Buxworth, Chapel, Charlesworth, Dove Holes (second XI), High Lane, Hollingworth, Pott Shrigley, Stalybridge and Whaley Bridge, again playing each other home and away. Dove Holes 2nd XI have been promoted to equalise the teams in this division. If successful this may continue in the future.

  • Third Division is to be Broadbottom, Chapel, Hayfield, Hazel Grove, Newton, Old Glossop, Stalybridge and Woodley to play each other home and away PLUS a third drawn game.

  • Forth Division is to be Buxworth, Charlesworth, Dinting, Hollingworth, New Mills, Pott Shrigley and Tintwistle, again playing home, away, and a drawn 3rd game.

  • We discussed potentially having a “100” mid week competition but felt that there are enough changes for one season and this can be considered next year dependant on the success of the above.

  • As with last season, the quarter finals of the T20 will be on a Sunday, as this was a success, the final and semi-finals are to be played on the same day as previous years.

  • The Sunday League (or third team) competition is to be named the Derek Slack Sunday League and Old Glossop have donated a trophy in his memory.

  • Bowlers in ALL 40 over games (including Divisions 3 and 4) to be restricted to 8 overs. This is to try and get the younger bowlers to bowl more overs.

  • Duckworth Lewis to be used in Division One AND the Bissenden

  • Leg Side Wides to be used in Division One, Bissenden and T20 competitions.

ALL the above taken from the Minutes of the meeting which are now under the documents section

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