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Saturday 30th July & Sunday 31st July

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

There is league action across all Four Divisions and on Sunday we have the Bissenden Cup Final, which is held at New Mills, and action in the Sunday League.

Saturday 30 July 2022 - 1pm

Readers Division One

Dinting 221ao v Broadbottom 154ao

Dinting win by 67 runs

Dove Holes 225ao v Newton 167ao

Dove Holes win by 58 runs

Hazel Grove 56ao v Woodley 177ao

Woodley win by 121 runs

New Mills 179/5 v Hayfield 174ao

New Mills win by 5 wickets

Old Glossop 46/4 v Tintwistle 45ao

Old Glossop win by 6 wickets

Division Two

Chapel 25ao v Whaley Bridge 190ao

Whaley Bridge win by 165 runs

Charlesworth 183ao v Dove Holes 117ao

Charlesworth win by 66 runs

High Lane 214/4 v Pott Shrigley 174ao

High Lane win by 40 runs

Hollingworth 174/8 v Birch Vale 173ao

Hollingworth win by 2 wickets

Stalybridge 157/9 v Buxworth 155/8

Stalybridge win by 1 wickets

Division Three

Broadbottom 75/2 v Chapel 71ao

Broadbottom win by 8 wickets

Hayfield 69ao v Old Glossop 70/8

Old Glossop win by 2 wickets

Newton 222/9 v Hazel Grove 126ao

Newton win by 96 runs

Woodley 224/5 v Stalybridge 158/9

Woodley win by 66 runs

Division Four

Buxworth 93/9 v New Mills 96/3

New Mills win by 7 wickets

Pott Shrigley 63ao v Hollingworth 184/8

Hollingworth win by 121 runs

Tintwistle 111/4 v Dinting 109ao

Tintwistle win by 6 wickets

Sunday 31 July - 1pm

Bissenden Cup Final

Dove Holes 85ao v Woodley 136/8

At New Mills Cricket Club

Woodley win by 51 runs

Sunday League

Birch Vale v Springhead

Marple & Compstall 4th XI v Broadbottom

Broadbottom conceded

Dinting 162/9 v Charlesworth 158/6

Dinting win by 1 wicket


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