Return to Cricket 2021

Dear All,

Firstly, I am apologising for not responding to the many emails I've received over the last 2-3 days. Unfortunately work commitments have got in the way (I'm always busy around April) so I will respond to them later today, although this email MAY answer some of your queries.

Match Balls- Are available at Glossop Glass and Glazing and can be collected once payment has been made. All invoices were sent last week BUT I did send 20 invoices in 5 minutes so its possible one or two didn't go through. If you've NOT received an invoice please get in touch

Handbooks and Rulebook- These are back from the printers but not yet fully in the possession of the League (in transit it's called). The umpires Secretary JJ has a supply of the Rulebooks and handbooks, and will be sending them out in the next few days. Once we have a supply of both I'll try and get around as many clubs on Saturday to get them delivered. At each ground I go too I will drop off BOTH TEAMS supply so please ensure (if the away team) they get back to your club. In the interim the Rules are FULLY ON THE NEW WEBSITE UNDER THE DOWNLOADS SECTION. I am led to believe there are some errors in both books which, I'm afraid, are mainly due to the short time we had to approve the forms. Our apologies for this, but we wanted to get the books to you as soon as possible.

Umpires- In view of the delay in obtaining the rule and handbooks I understand JJ has phoned all umpires and they know where they're going this week. He is sending out his cards etc. for the coming weeks, but wanted to include the rulebook before sending. As stated, the rulebook is on the new website as is also the Umpires report card.

Senior results Sheet-We are NOT printing a supply of these as (you've guessed it) a copy is in the Downloads section of the New Website. Please ensure you use the copy that includes the Umpires scoring section. As stated in a previous Management meeting this season we are scoring umpires with a view to "grading" them in the future. Please be honest with your assessment. When sending the sheet please send to I am led to believe the address in the rulebook is wrong, although it is correct on the senior results sheet.

Captains- I have a list of these and am hoping to get an excel spread sheet out to you later today along with a list of the league umpires and the above 2 forms.

Transfers and Registration- If you want a player to play this week he needs to be registered BEFORE 00.01 on Friday 23rd April(St Georges Day). Make sure they're also on play cricket before the cut off to assist Stuart.

Hope that covers everything and speak to you all throughout the season

Yours Sincerely, Mike Stansfield Hon Secretary

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